More Than A Cartoon Charater

“No one is every only one thing. Inside one person there are so many different people, and quite often they’re at war with each other, and sometimes one of them is winning, and sometimes another. We’re all so hard to understand, aren’t we? I don’t even understand myself.”
― Louis de Bernières, So Much Life Left Over

Humans, we are not a one sided cartoon cutout. We are more than just a one issue being. We truly are complicated. Many factors makeup who we are, genetics, nurture, nature, and life experiences. Science tells us that we are also unique in the micro world called “DNA”. The probability of two having the same DNA is one in billions, except for the case of identical twins. Genetics determine our eye and hair color, our height and so much more. We share half of our mothers and fathers DNA. Some argue that genetics even determine our sexual preferances, this blogger has yet to come to a solid decision!

Let’s be honest, we are not driven by just one issue, even though our politicians seem to cast us in that light. My main purpose on this blog is, Mental Health, and even that is complex and multi-faceted. Dealing with Mental Health cannot be a cookie cutter treatment, therefore I have always steered away of saying, “if you do this or that, you will be better”!

I can speak about my personal experiences, hopefully that maybe the reader will find a nugget of hope. Again, mental health must take in our experiences, our trauma’s and our distinct situation at any given time. Our situations are fluid, today I may feel like I can take on the whole world, tomorrow I may feel like pulling the sheets up over my head and not wanting to interact with the outside world around me.

“Sometimes, the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to. It’s not for them.” – Joubert Botha.

We are not living in a Disney movie, there is nobody that will come near the end to give us a fairy tale ending! We write our own story, and to be frank, the story is not finished until we draw our last breath.

I am the oldest of five children, have the same parents, and for our formidable years lived under the same roof. Yet, even with all those similarities, we are remarkably different in looks, personality, and even how we digest incoming information. One sibling found it hard to understand many subjects being taught while in school. I have seen that sibling literally sobbing sitting at the kitchen table trying to do the homework assigned for the next day.

I at times wonder if it is wise to use many social apps because people seem to find the ones that echo back what they want to hear. It is hard to hear conflicting messages. Messages that do not seem to fit our patterns of thought. I have a very good friend, we do agree in many areas of thought, entertainment, sports, yet there are times we disagree. It is in those times that makes our friendship interesting and even at times ends with a good chuckle.

So dear reader, none of us walk the same identical path, some experiences may feel the same, but it is our response to those experiences that are unique to each and everyone of us. Once again, we are a multi-dimensional, multi-sided, and multi-issue beings! I would like to hear you thoughts, leave them in the comment section below!

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