Confidence, Shaken, not Stirred

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.-Mark Twain

When I was in my teens I wasn’t full of confidence. I doubted myself and my abilities. Then, I was given a piano which started a wonderful adventure. I couldn’t wait until the rest of my family would go somewhere for the evening. I would sit for hours working on hand movements and also forming chords.

Finally, one evening I went to hear an itinerant preacher. During the meeting a note was sent to me asking if I would stay after the meeting to speak with the evangelist. We sat and talked, he then had me sit at an organ to play some music. Remember, I was a piano player, not an organist. I played a small piece of music. Another musician spoke up, “he’s the strongest we have heard”. I was asked to join the team. My reply was, “let me have a couple of days to think about it”. Three days later I sent word that I would join as an organist.

As I began travelling with the group, I began to find my way and my own style. I was gaining strength and more importantly, I was gaining new confidence. I felt so great!

Now for the present day. I saw the surgeon and the news was great. No longer have to hop around and now I can put fifty percent of my weight on my leg.

After this fall in my home has shaken my confidence. I take extra caution of how I move, nothing quickly. In two weeks I will be able to bear full weight on the leg.

My confidence may take some time to return. More than likely my caution will really be noticeable outdoors.

So dear reader, have you ever had your confidence shaken. Did you recover and how did you build back your confidence? I would like to hear from you. Also, so would the other readers. Leave your comments below!

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