Fear, Turning The Tables!

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.“ – Josh Campbell -www.positivityblog.com

Boogey man, we’ve heard as young children, afraid of going to sleep thinking he might be under the bed.

As we grow older and begin to walk to school we are told about stranger danger. Never take candy from a stranger, never get into a strange car. We teach our children to look for a code word just in case someone comes and says that mommy told the stranger to pick the child up.

Many have a fear of receiving a ‘no’ in response to maybe asking for a promotion, or even asking for a raise of our salary.

Let’s flip the script! Fear can be a good thing. It keeps us from getting to close to the cliff, jumping into waters that are unknown to us.

Growing up a healthy fear was put into us about getting into trouble with police authorities. Kept us behaving properly while in school. Going home with a note from the school principal that we had received punishment meant that there would be consequences at home. Neither situation ever arose for any of my siblings or myself.

So dear reader, what could possibly happen to face fear, ask for that promotion. It may surprise you and the promotion is yours. This is how I was promoted to breakfast manager!

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  1. Tangie

    Fear and healthy fear were discussion topics at our past two Wednesday night Bible study. How are you?

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