Category: Death

  • Final Affairs

    In 2000 my mom was rushed to St. Joseph Hospital in London, Ontario. After arriving she was placed in an induced comma. She was in the that comma until the morning that she died. The morning of February 11th she was taken off all life support and quickly passed away quietly in her bed, she […]

  • Should I Feel Guilty?

    I was on the phone with my aunt yesterday and we chatted like we always do. She then broke the news to me that my father passed sometime last month. If you have read any of my posts where I have written about the relationship between us, you would know that there was no real […]

  • Conflicted Still

    I started this blog to approach many, so it seems, contradictions.  Things I believed but yet did not manifest in my life.

  • Overcoming Grief

    In 1999 I received a phone call with news that my mother was gravely ill.  It was the Christmas season and had just lost all of the joyous attitude that was in me.  Hanging up the phone I started making plans for a long bus ride from my home in Saskatchewan, Canada to Ontario….. …Thus, my journey of many admissions to the mental health unit to deal with depression and all of it’s tenacles such as, grief, anger, and much more.