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  • Grieving & Mental Health

    No one can tell you what to expect or can offer a guide to grief. Because every relationship is so unique, no two people grieve the same way. And you have no idea how you are going to grieve till you are grieving. Alysia Reiner I am writing this post because of two people who […]

  • Mens Mental Health – Myths

    A real man ain’t a coward, he stands by what he says, admits his faults, and corrects his mistakes.     Kiki Strack Starting with this post I will be exploring Mens Mental Health from time to time.  For this post I want to take a look at myths about men. Myths: Big boys don’t cry – […]

  • A Re-Blog: What Mental Illness Looks Like — Fractured Faith Blog

    I think I’ve ticked every one of these boxes at some point in my life but, thankfully, not for a while now. But I’ve been there and I know I could return there, we all could. Nobody is immune from mental illness, we are all vulnerable and few will live their lives untouched by it. […] […]