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  • Good Doctor’s Report

    This morning I went to see the surgeon. After waiting an hour I finally was called in only for him to send me for a x-ray. So, away I go using nothing but my four-legged walker. Once again, more waiting. After the x-ray back to see the surgeon. He came in and told me he […]

  • Now Working For My Recovery

    Well in the hospital they started working with me to get me back on my feet. The work is hard, but it is necessary if I want to use this new hip for what it is intended. I spent most of my lone time to go back to what I love, reading! Since their so […]

  • Almost There

    It has been a busy time for me this week. It started Monday where I spent almost six hours going through tests, meetings and information overload. When I made it home I basically fell into my bed and stayed there until morning. On a positive note about my appointments is that I met with an […]

  • Update – My Journey to Hip Surgery – 3/16/2021

    You may notice that I have not posted many over the past several days. My hip and the pain have grown worse this past week. It is becoming more difficult to move around the house. With the aid of my cane and walker I hobble about. Sitting and laying are limited and it is dictated […]

  • My Journey To Having Hip Replacement

    Yesterday morning started my long journey to having a hip replaced. I saw the surgeon and he started the exam by explaining what he saw in an MRI. He said I really didn’t have any hip left. It was obvious that I needed a hip replaced. The he lead me to an exam room where […]

  • Oh What Relief!

     “Since chronic pain frequently cannot be seen or measured, unlike acute pain, doctors, colleagues, friends, or family may question or doubt your pain. In effect, it doesn’t matter if anyone believes you, but it is extremely important for you to acknowledge that all pain is real.”—Pain Recovery: How to Find Balance and Reduce Suffering from […]