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  • Generational Views and Differences

    Tradition is not a fetish to be prayed to-but a useful record of experiences. Time should bring improvement-but not all old things are worthless. We are served by both the moderns and the ancients. The balanced man is he who clings to the best in the old-and appropriates the desirable in the new. – Richard […]

  • The Interview Moderated By Ashley L. Peterson of Mental Health At Home

    Several days ago I had an idea which I thought might be interesting. The idea; flip the scenario of the interview. The questions would not be posed by me, but, it would be from someone else, the questions would be for me. So, I needed to find someone to ask if they would help with […]

  • A Re-Blog: Does Sexuality Matter? — My Mindfulness Living

    This is one of the questions that we ask from ourself and yet hesitate to share our opinion with others. The bitter side is asking this question not because of the curiosity about the answer, but because of the discomfort judgements of the society. Actually, does sexuality matter? Here I’m not going to give you […] […]

  • Mens Mental Health – Myths

    A real man ain’t a coward, he stands by what he says, admits his faults, and corrects his mistakes.     Kiki Strack Starting with this post I will be exploring Mens Mental Health from time to time.  For this post I want to take a look at myths about men. Myths: Big boys don’t cry – […]

  • Pride, Prejudice, Psychology!

    “Understand that sexuality is as wide as the sea. Understand that your morality is not law. Understand that we are you. Understand that if we decide to have sex whether safe, safer, or unsafe, it is our decision and you have no rights in our lovemaking.” ― Derek Jarman Pierre Elliot Trudeau: {1967} ‘There’s no place […]

  • We Need Superheroes!

    Growing up I watched cartoons and live action superheroes.  There was Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Aquaman, and many more. I also had heroes like a couple of my teachers, some of my family.  These were the ones I knew if I needed to talk they would listen.