Lest We Forget


We owe our World War II veterans – and all our veterans – a debt we can never fully repay. Doc Hastings
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This is a special day, a day we stop to honor our men and women past and present who serve in our military.

I can remember sitting on my grandparents porch steps and could hear the adults talking in whispers about one of my uncles.  This uncle served in Vietnam and was missing in action.  He finally came home and it was a great day for me to finally meet him.

I sometimes wonder if those who are younger really understand the service of our military members.  The second world war ended in 1945 seventy-four years ago.

So, sometime today take time to stop and think about all the freedoms you enjoy, freedoms that someone who you do not know fought for.  

Lest we forget!

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  1. Angie

    My Grandfather fought in the second world war and he wouldn’t speak of it. Two of my uncles served in the military after that, one speaks nothing about his experiences and the other enjoys talking about the training he went through and the many places he he got to go before he retired. I don’t see him very often though. You are right. I have little understanding of what the soldiers actually went through and the the things they endured for us. My kids would have even less understanding. I want them to know and we talk about it, but with the little knowledge I have, I feel that I don’t do our heroes much service. I try. I guess that’s something.

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    1. Rethinking Scripture

      My uncle that fought in Vietnam never talked about it. Someone said the only time he would talk was when he was drinking.
      He was in Vietnam because he joined the States military. He still lives in the States.

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      1. Angie

        I couldn’t imagine having to go through that. We need to take better care of the soldiers who fought and continue to fight for us and our freedom. Too many of us take it for granted.

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      2. Rethinking Scripture

        Yes, Angie for Canada has not known war inside it’s borders.
        It is because of those who put country first, their selfless spirit, fighting for what we enjoy, peace.

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