“Frustration” Is The Word For This Week!

It has been one hell of a week for me. I have been without access to my internet since Monday.

I really didn’t care on Monday because I spent most of the day resting in bed. But Tuesday I tried to login to my internet and absolutely blocked. I tried everything I had learned over the years about resolving problems with logging in. Nothing I tried worked, so I call the support line. He basically walked me through everything I had already tried. From his end he could find nothing concerning my problem. Then he tells me to push a red button to reset the modem. Well, I do just that and to my ever increasing frustration, nothing, ziltch, nada! So, the answer was to wait for someone to come to my house and try to resolve this issue.

Today, Thursday, a support guy shows up and begins trouble shooting what might be wrong. He found the trouble, apparently when I was told to reset, it reset the username and password to the default that is given by the ISP. He goes out to his truck and brings in a new modem and a new switch. The modem I was using was a bit old and the switch was for me to be able to hardwire my laptop. He sets up a new network with a name I chose along with a new password.

If today would have been a flog I might have thrown everything out the door! But, I am connected again and I have missed not being able to access WordPress. I have some catching up to do with reading all the blogs, but I am thankful I am back on the wide world web.

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  1. ashleyleia

    I’m glad it got sorted out! Times like that are a reminder of just how much we rely on the internet.

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