Decompressing & Mental Health

I am constantly trying to figure things out, and writing and decompressing is a way for me to analyze and try and grow and understand. – Author: Erin Willett

I have been lately re-introducing something that I use to have in my life, decompressing. A time without television, radio, music, and yes, the phone. It is a time to quiet the mind, to connect with your own breathing. Some may call it meditation, but this is really a time of complete void of input or output.

I have the luxury to spend this type of time, I live alone, and really do not have any constraints or demands, like getting children ready for bed. I do not have a cell phone, so the incoming texts messages are not a distraction. Decompressing means that I have taken control of a set time period. It may be thirty, sixty minutes, whatever it takes to feel a gentle calm come over me.

Then, there are the times where I focus on just a single task. For me, it usually means reading a book without any other input around me.

I often wonder what affect happens to people who seem to want to be always connected. I have heard of teenagers sleeping with their cell phones under their pillow. Constantly waking up to check to see if there are new text messages. This most assuredly must wreak havoc with their bodies not being able to enter deep sleep. I believe it is called, “R.E.M.(Rapid Eye Movement).

I spoke with my daughter just recently and listened to what was on her schedule each and every day. She decided to go to university for a business management degree. Besides that, she works part time and also has children to take care of. I was exhausted just trying to comprehend on how she will be able to keep up with all the stress.

So dear reader, how do you decompress? Do you make time to quiet your mind and body? I would love to hear from you on this and so would other readers!

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  1. socialworkerangela

    I decompress by closing my eyes and resting which usually leads me to falling asleep lol I do struggle with complete quite and sitting with my thoughts.

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  2. Ashley L. Peterson

    I’ve always valued my decompress time and made it a priority.

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  3. Angie

    I used to sit outside and listen to nature while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. These days are busier and louder so I lock myself in the bathroom for 5-10 minutes and hope no one finds me 😀

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