Finding The Silver In The Attic of My Mind


It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi

Some of my favorite show to watch are: Antiques Road Show, Canadian Pickers, American Pickers.  It fascinates me the items found are valuable, to look at them most would say they are junk. 

I remember my Grandmother had a collection of old 78 recordings, for the younger crowd they were a record that had just one song on each side, my uncle took that collection over to somewhere in Michigan and turned them into cash.

When I was older I would tag along with my grandmother and other relatives to auctions in nearby communities.  It was great entertainment to watch an auctioneer work with the crowd as items would reach the auction block.  Items would sell, it seemed no matter how trivial the item, there was a buyer for those items.  I wonder how many times at a yard sale were items worth more than a dollar but overlooked because the seller thought it was worthless.

I once heard a psychologist state that we have mere seconds to accept or reject things that we hear of see.  If we don’t reject them within that time period they become part of our memories taking up room in our mind.

The idiom “every cloud has a silver lining”  somehow is hard to accept when going through rough times.  I admit that I have a hard time dealing with that saying.

To be honest I cannot see how some major hurts have a silver lining for me.  Even as a former clergy and as a Christian, I balk at that.  The two things do not mesh for me.  Try as I might I do not see much of anything silver within all of those hurts, disappointments.

So, I have much work to do within my journey of introspection.  Maybe, if I work even harder that I may find some silver to polish!

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  1. Linda Vogt Turner

    Seeing the silver lining takes some polish for sure. When silver is exposed to the air, it tarnishes. So when a person suffers disappointment after disappointment, one tends to keep the silver covered up so that the disappointment like the air won’t tarnish the silver. When you display your silver and make use of your silver it will tarnish unless you polish it regularly. So too with God’s lessons and blessings. For every scraped knee and bruised elbow or bruised ego look for the blessing or the lesson. When a child learns to ride a bike and falls off. The wise child says…I have a new bike. Wow. I am sure lucky every time his scraped knee throbs. The child could get all angry and kick his bike. It takes practice to learn how to ride a bike and it takes practice feeling fortunate and grateful for all the lessons that come our way. The more we practice any new skill, the more accomplished and confident and happy we feel and the more we smile and show our happiness and our gratitude–another thing usually comes our way–friends with whom to share our new found skill. People in prison camps have even practiced this and have befriended guards and have survived to become great leaders and cultivators of peace.

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